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Race report by Max Götzl
The second round of the Czech famous Mibosport cup took the place last weekend as always in Sport Hotel Hrotovice.

On Friday we started free practices followed by controlled. In 2WD there was Aleš Bidovský the topper with Christian Landl second, Adam Izsay third and me fourth. In qualifications Aleš drove fast away from the rest of drivers with taking the TQ from the 1st quali, I managed to take 3rd place few tens of second behind Kurt Rubik.

Before the start of the finals the track got somehow slippery, propably someoneâ€s shocks leaked out. I made some set-up changes before the first main. In the first final first two drivers made many mistakes which gave me an easy win in A1. In A2 came some mistakes from me and Aleš won, with me on 3rd place. A3 was very exciting, Aleš was leading away but then had some crashes with drivers a lap behind which gave me another easy win in A3! So me finishing 1st, Aleš 2nd and Kurt Rubik 3rd.

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2WD results:
1. Max Götzl - XRAY XB2
2. Aleš Bidovský (TQ) - XRAY XB2
3. Kurt Rubik - XRAY XB2

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4WD results:
1. Peter Loncsar
2. Max Götzl (TQ) - XRAY XB4
3. Aleš Bidovksý - XRAY XB4

In 4WD practice it was me on the top with Adam Izsay second and Aleš Bidovký third. I won the 1st quali with some mistakes, but in the second one I put a flawless run and managed to take the overall TQ! Peter Loncsar qualified 2nd and Kurt Rubik 3rd.

I didn’t find the speed in first two finals on the low grip plus some mistakes gave Peter easy win in both finals, I always finished 2nd but in the last A3 I finally put a flawless run and secured the overall 2nd place with Aleš taking the 3rd.

Thanks a lot to all my sponsors for their support and thanks to the Mibo staff for putting an amazing race again!