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Race report by Elias Ehrmann
This weekend was amazing and full of surprises.
Saturday started in swiss with the Honor of the Alpencup 2017 (CH,A,GER).
Fortunately I could get Trophys for both classes (2WD,4WD Modified) for best youngester of the Alpencup.

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After this great event we went back to Germany,where the next Race was waiting for me (LRP-Asso Challenge open Class).

After qualifies I started A-main with both of my XRAYs

In the end I could reach in both classes Podium Position 3.

4WD results:
1.Alexander Schmitt - XRAY XB4
2.Micha Widmaier
3.Elias Ehrmann - XRAY XB4

2WD results:
1.Micha Widmaier
2.Aaron MĂĽnster
3.Elias Ehrmann - XRAY XB2