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XRAY has developed a new precision molded offset spur gears, 48 and 64 pitch. These spur gears have been strategically lightened to reduce rotating mass.

#305778 Offset Spur Gear 78T/48

#305781 Offset Spur Gear 81T/48

#305874 Offset Spur Gear 104T/64

#305876 Offset Spur Gear 106T/64

#305878 Offset Spur Gear 108T/64

#305880 Offset Spur Gear 110T/64


XRAY has developed a new, hard composite material specially created for touring car spur gears. The new compound gives the spur gears an optimum balance of hardness, toughness, and flexibility thus providing long life, minimal wear, and minimizing breakage or teeth stripping. The spur gears remain strategically lightened to reduce rotating mass. The new compound will withstand even the most extreme racing conditions such as when using the front solid axle which imparts high tension on the spur gears. The new spur gears are easily identifiable by the moulded "H" symbol. These new XRAY spur gears are available in the complete range of the 48 pitch gears:
#305784 Spur Gear 84T/48
#305787 Spur Gear 87T/48
#305790 Spur Gear 90T/48
#305793 Spur Gear 93T/48
#305796 Spur Gear 96T/48
#305799 Spur Gear 99T/48