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Race report by Greger Landén
The first round of the major Swedish indoor cup, WBC, was organized by Karlskrona MRK at the HB/Orion Race Track in Kallinge. As always with this club the organization of the race is flawless with great track side support with food and all facilities, job well done to the organization.

The race started off with the seeding practice, Alexander was well on the pace from the start and seeded third going into the qualifiers. He started off the first round by finishing second overall, a good start but he was complaining that he felt that the car didn't "get the power down". We made some small changes to make the car more suited to the layout, it made the car a little better, but he still had the same feeling.

Some changes to the ESC settings improved the situation for the third round, but still not perfect. In the fourth round Alexander was heading for the top spot, but during the last three laps the car started losing power and by that Alexander lost his timing in the section just before the finish line and lost a couple of seconds, which moved him from first to third in the round. This was the difference between starting 2nd or 4th in the finals, so Alexander lined up fourth behind Elias Johansson, Jesper Rasmussen and Oskar Levin.

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After the qualifiers we figured out that the problems we had had were due to fading of the batteries, somehow all of our three batteries were not able to deliver the power needed over a race distance, it always feels good to be able to figure out what has been wrong. Thanks to some nice competitiors we were able to borrow batteries for the finals, so now it was game on again.

In the first final Alexander made an early mistake and dropped down the order, and in the process of chasing back managed to make another mistake and broke a suspension arm. Elias won the first round.

Second round Alexander went for a little less aggressive start and managed to stay on pace and picked up the pieces when the cars in front made mistakes. By the time he got up to 2nd place though Elias had a comfortable margin, so he could sail off to take the overall win.

Elias sat out the third round, so it was game on for the rest of the podium spots. Having a DNF in the first round Alexander knew he needed to secure a good spot in the last round, so he started off a little bit on the safe side for the first few laps, by that Oskar and Jesper were able to get a gap of a couple of turns, and they had a battle of their own. When things had settled in and Alexander had a little bit of a gap to the fourth placed car he started to reel in the leaders and close the gap. When he was just within striking distance, the leaders came together and Alexander could go through to the lead and was able to maintain it until the end and by that secure second spot overall.

This was our first race with the new XRAY XB4'18 car, an it really didn't disappoint us!

Thanks to all our sponsors and to everybody cheering us on...

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4WD results:
1. Elias Johansson
2. Alexander Landén - XRAY XB4'18
3. Jesper Rasmussen