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Race report by Kaja Novotny
The 4th round of Euro Offroad Series took place last weekend in Wels. Organisers prepared this time a bit strange track with very long jumps and many high speed corners.

After very close racing in 2wd, everybody was thinking the same – how close will be 4wd?! And the answer was – very close. TOP 3 of Bruno, Michal and Jorn were like 1-2 seconds in front of the rest and then there were like 15 guys in 3 seconds fighting for A-main. Eventually Michal Orlowski took TQ with Jorn in 2nd and Bruno in 3rd! XB4 was again the most represented car in A-main with 4 cars!!
In finals it was the very same TOP 3 fighting for the win with again Daniel Kobbevik joining the fight! Eventually Bruno took the overall with Jorn in 2nd and young Daniel taking the final step on the podium!!!

1. Bruno Coelho – XRAY XB4
2. Jorn Neumann
3. Daniel Kobbevik – XRAY XB4
4. Michal Orlowski (TQ)
5. Martin Wollanka
6. Martin Bayer – XRAY XB4
7. Lee Martin
8. Marc Rheinard
9. Neil Cragg
10. Kaja Novotny – XRAY XB4

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2WD TOP 3:
1. Michal Orlowski
2. Neil Cragg (TQ)
3. Bruno Coelho – XRAY XB2
4. Joona Haatanen
5. Daniel Kobbevik – XRAY XB2
6. Lee Martin
7. Elias Johansson
8. Marc Rheinard
9. Martin Bayer – XRAY XB2
10. Jorn Neumann

2wd practice started well with Bruno Coelho topping the screens with XB2s of me, Martin Bayer, Hupo Honigl and Daniel Kobbevik all in TOP 10!

Qualifications were very close and results of each round were quite mixed, guys who got 2nd or 3rd in one round finished 10th in the next and so on … However TOP 4 of Cragg, Orlowski, Coelho and Haatanen was pretty consistent through out all 4 rounds!

In finals the same TOP 4 fought closely for the win with Daniel Kobbevik also getting into the fight! Eventually Michal took the win, Neil finished 2nd and Bruno 3rd!

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TOP 10:
1. Max Gotzl – XRAY XT2
2. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – XRAY XT2
3. Hupo Honigl – XRAY XT2

4. Christian Wukoning
5. Silvio Pietroboni – XRAY XT2
6. Andreas Holzer – XRAY XT2
7. Antonia Kovalszki – XRAY XT2
8. Christoph Hofer – XRAY XT2
9. Nenad Ristic
10. Christian Taumer – XRAY XT2

In Truck Modi my XT2 was rocking in practice and qualifications and took the overall TQ with XT2s of Max and Hupo lining up 2nd and 3rd!

In A1, my and Hupo´s mistakes gave Max pretty easy win. A2 saw both me and Hupo not finishing, which meant overall win went to young Max Gotzl! In A3, Hupo got quickly by Max and we thought all 5 minutes for the win and in the end it was my Hobbywing powered XT2, which crossed the line on the 1st place!

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TOP 10:
1. Arthur BrulĂ© – XRAY XT2
2. Bartosz Zalewski – XRAY XT2

3. Christian Wukonig
4. Juraj Hudy – XRAY XT2
5. Silvio Pietroboni – XRAY XT2
6. Christoph Hofer – XRAY XT2
7. Antonia Kovalszki – XRAY XT2

8. Per Eriksen
9. Raymond Libar – XRAY XT2
10. Karsten Boehlke – XRAY XT2

That was the 4th round of EOS and the last carpet race of the season! The final round will take place on astroturf in Arena 33 in less than 3 weeks!

In the end I want to thank my parents and sponsors for their support!

Xray, Hobbywing, MKS, Sunpadow, JConcepts, Hudy, Hiroseiko, H-Speed, Dubidesign, DFcreative, Ruddog and Kaja RC racing