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Race report by CJ jelin
I attend the 30th annual April Fools Classic at Intermountain R/C Raceway in Salt Lake City, Utah. There were about 400 entires and there was practice from Tuesday to Thursday. That gave me a lot of time to get my cars ready for racing.

My 4wd was really good. The 2wd I had to make little changes to get it better. By Thursday I was ready for qualifying, all my Proline tires were broken in and my XRAY platforms were all feeling great. Friday was day one of qualifying. First up was 4wd mod buggy. The track and my car felt really good. I was on a top 5 run when I hit the same pipe 3 times and broke my car. Next was 2wd mod buggy. I didn’t check my slipper before my run so I couldn’t make the triple. I drove clean laps to take a 8th for the round. My stepdad(Kevin Palmer) built me my stadium truck for round 2 so I could get more track time.

Round 2 the track had a lot of grip. In 4wd I needed a good run to be in the a sort for the Saturday qualifiers. I then had a good run that was fast but not as fast as Dustin that gave me a 4th for the round. Next was stadium truck. The truck was new and never had been ran. I then on the 2nd lap in the qualifier pulled the ball stud out of the hub. The last run of the day for me was 2wd mod buggy. I had a really good run with no crashes to get a 3rd for the round. Saturday was the last two rounds of qualifying.

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4wd mod buggy was first up. I was trying to have another good run to put me into the main. I just did that to get the tq for round 3 of mod 4wd buggy. Mod stadium truck was next and I ran it in the morning practice to check everything. I knew that I needed 2 good runs to make the a main. I did that to get a 3rd for the 3 round of qualifying. The 3rd round of qualifying in 2wd mod buggy I had a bad run. I was crashing and doing little stuff that set me back that gave me a 11th for the round. Round 4 for mod 4wd buggy I had tried different tires. They were loose at the start but the more I ran the better they got. I had a good run to get a 2nd for the round and the overall tq in 4wd mod buggy.

Stadium truck I drove a little to hard and crashed too much. I was still able to get a 3rd for the round and I start there for the triple a mains. Mod 2wd buggy round 4 I had a good run to get a 5th for the round. I would start 6th in the triple a mains in 2wd mod buggy. Sunday was main day. The first race of the day was A1 of 4wd mod buggy. I had started first so I was leading it until I went wide on the triple and Dustin Evans had went to the inside. I then was battling with 3rd and 4th the rest of the race. I was able to stay in 2nd with 3rd and 4th following me. I drove clean and had no mistakes to finish 2nd in A1.

A1 of mod stadium truck was up next. The start I was following 2nd and then I crashed. I couldn’t catch back up to 2nd so I finished 3rd in A1 of mod stadium truck. A1 of mod 2wd buggy I had a good run with no mistakes to finish 4th for A1. A2 of mod 4wd buggy I had a really good run with no mistakes to win A2. A2 of mod stadium truck I had passed 2nd and I had a good lead on 3rd. I then crashed once on my own and then I had gotten into lapers and 3rd passed me. I then finished 3rd in A2. At the start of A2 of mod buggy I had to roll a jump and the guy behind me hit me and I went for a tumble. After the first lap I was in 8th. Then 7th though 10th we’re battling. I was in 8th then the same guy that hit me at the start hit me again into a pipe. I then from there finished in 10th.

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4Wd results:
1. Cj Jelin - XRAY XB4
2. Dustin Evans
3. Jake Mayo

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The start of A3 in mod 4wd buggy 2nd had crashed and that gave me a good lead.I had drove clean fast laps to make my lead bigger to take the win in A3 and the overall win in mod 4wd buggy. A3 of mod stadium truck Dustin had won the first 2 so that meant that he didn’t race A3. The start I was following 2nd until he made a mistake, I then went on to lead the rest of A3 to get the win and finish 2nd overall. A3 of 2wd mod buggy I had a good start then I was caught in a big pile up that put me in 8th. I then worked my way back up to 5th. Then I chassis slapped the triple and filped over. This put me back to 8th, I then worked my way back to finish 6th. After all three mains I finished 8th overall. Thank you to the Intermountain R/C Raceway for putting on a good race.

Mod Stadium Truck
1. Dustin Evans
2. Cj Jelin - XRAY
2. Charlie Cavalier

Thank you to Kevin Palmer, Kelly Hustis, and Daniel Adams for all the help this weekend. #Xray, #Rcamerica, #Proline#Hobbywing, #Amain.com ,#Protekrc, #Vpracing, #Sanwa , #Ogio, #110%Racing #Hudy, #Hooked, #AvidRc, #Stickit1