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Race report by Adam Vink
The race format was only 2 qualifiers and a single A main, 8 cars qualified directly, 2 bumped from the B. The first qualifier I wanted to drive safe to make sure that I would have a solid starting position for the main and I would end up 5th after the first round.

Now that I had a decent starting spot I knew I could push it a little more and try to move up. For a short while I was on a TQ pace during the second qualifier but didn't get any help from lapped traffic, I was still able to improve my fast lap time as well as my qualifying position.

With around 110 entries the traction had really come up between qualifying rounds and especially for the mains, a lot of people would start to have issues with traction rolling. I would end up starting 3rd for the main right behind the Associated of Frank Deiny.

The main got of to a good start, Frank and I would have a good battle for a few laps at the start of the race, until he started traction rolling. I made a few small errors after I saw his car rolling and would drop back a few spots. After that I knew I had to push a little harder to try to catch back up to the leader and with about 2 minutes to go in the race I was right behind Kenny Kong driving his Yokomo, who had been leading from the tone. I got right behind him and tried making a pass, but tapped a pipe and didn't have enough time to catch back up to him. Kenny and myself were the only two drivers that got 33 laps in the main. It was a really exciting main to drive in, clean passing, close lap times, courteous back markers (and lead cars). The Dog Days Crew along with Mimi Wong did a really great job putting this race together.

1 Kenny Kong
2 Adam Vink - XRAY XB4
3 Paul Rush
4 Frank Deiny
5 Omar Ladenburg