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Race report by John Barron
Had a great weekend of carpet off road racing with my dad and Wes at the Gone Bananas Trophy Race at Finish Line Raceway in Indiana. I ended up throwing my stock buggy in with the mod buggies where I was able to set TQ and put in the fastest qualifying time of the day.

However in stock buggy I made several mistakes managing traffic and qualified 4th. In the mod main I had a solid lead and totally blanked on a turn pushing me back to 3rd. We had a fierce battle till the end where I finished just barely behind the leader in 2nd.

In the stock buggy main I put in a clean and consistent run taking over the lead on the 4th lap and finished with a solid win in mod stadium truck, I took TQ and lead the main, tone to tone for the win. It was a blast racing foams on the CRC black carpet.

Mod Stadium Truck Results:
1. John Barron II (TQ) - XRAY XT2
2. Dustin Fox
3. Joel Wiggins

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2WD Stock Buggy Results:
1. John Barron II - XRAY XB2
2. Frank Honson
3.Tony Fox

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2WD Mod Buggy Results:
1. Frank Honson
2. John Barron II - XRAY XB2- TQ
3. Tony Fox