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Report by Nikko Haheim
Lorenskogs Modellbilklubb were the host of the Norwegian Championships for the outdoor season.
The weather was perfect all weekend long and the club prepared the track perfectly giving us drivers the best conditions possible!

On Saturday we had 2 rounds of controlled practice followed by 4 rounds of qualifying.
After CP I was first closely followed by the local youngster of Olav Dahle with Mathias in 3rd.

Going into qualifying I knew tire strategy would be key as only 2 of 5 rounds counted. The tires always perform better when new, so it would be a challenge when to use them.
At the end of the day I had TQed 3 of 4 rounds with the last one being held Sunday morning. I felt confident that I had done enough as Olav Dahle didn't get one TQ run, so for him to start 2nd he would have to use his third and last set of tires on Sunday morning, and so he did. This awarded me with the Overall TQ ahead of Olav Dahle in 2nd and Mathias Nedrebo in 3rd.

In the finals both I and Mathias had saved one set of tires. I went safe and used my set in the first final to win A1 confidently ahead of Mathias in second and Alexander Gjemble in 3rd.
A2 would see Mathias opting to use his new set of tires showing some blistering pace from the start. He was able to make his way by Olav and quickly started to hunt me down. Eventually on lap 12 we had a bit of a tangle giving Alexander the lead, also on new rubber. I tried my best to close the gap down and put pressure on him, eventually he rolled his car and I was able to go by. Towards the end Mathias came back and crossed the line within one second of me. With the win in both A1 and A2 I could eventually crown myself Norwegian Champion for the second time this year winning both the indoor and outdoor Nationals! Mathias did what he needed in A3 and followed Olav Dahle to the line, giving Mathias 2nd overall with Olav coming in 3rd. This gave XRAY a wonderful 1-2 finish!

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1. Nikko Haheim - XRAY
2. Mathias Nedrebo - XRAY

3. Olav Dahle

Nikko's winning setup sheet: