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Team Orion Speed Weekend was held on 13.-15.10.2006 in the small village Kastellaun aproximately 130km from Frankfurt. Almost 200 drivers from Europe and Asia attended this race to fight for the trophy in two categories -19turns and modified. Team Xray brought its European team to this race and, for most of the team, this would be their first international event with the new T2’007.

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Team XRAY was represented by team drivers from Sweden, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherlands, Iceland, Germany, and of course the factory’s Juraj and Martin Hudy. XRAY was seen also as the most popular choice of private drivers as XRAY cars were the most frequently used brand in both the modified and 19T categories.

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The race hall was equipped with new carpet which made it difficult for most drivers from the start. During the free practice on Friday the grip finally started to build and at the end of the day finally we could start working on a race set-up as the conditions stabilized a bit in preparation for the 5 rounds of qualifying.

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During the qualifiers the XRAY team dominated in the 19T category setting TQ and placing 5 cars in the top ten. Despite Bastian Henning not being the fastest car on the straight, he was still able with his skills and a very stable car to gain the lead in the technical parts to easily to set the TQ. Thomas GĂĽnsel also drove very well with his T2â€007 but was unable to overcome his lack of speed, in the end qualifying in 9th place.

19T qualification results: click to enlarge
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1. Bastian Henning - XRAY T2
2. Bastian Schafer
3. Mike Niemamm
4. Christopher Grimm - XRAY T2
5. Oliver Nathe - XRAY T2
6. Peter Deggelmann - XRAY T2

7. Mike Linge
8. Lars Hoppe
9. Thomas Gunsel - XRAY T2’007
10. Kai Maurus

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Team Xray also had very good start in the modified qualifiers. After the 1st round of qualifiers there were 5 T2’007s in top 10. Jilles set the initial TQ ahead of Marc Rheinard, with Joel Myrberg in 6th, Alex Stocker in 8th, Martin Hudy in 9th, and Andreas Myrberg in 10th. Each round of qualifying brought improvements to the grip and reductions in lap times. New Team Xray driver Martin Christensen (nitro driver from Denmark) was holding an A main position through the 3rd round of qualifying in his first carpet race of the season and first race with Xray.

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Andreas Myrberg and Viktor Wilck both appeared to be headed for the A main until they each made costly mistakes in the last minute of their qualifiers. The changing track conditions left many top drivers struggling to find a working set-up, and at the end of the qualifiers it was Jilles in 4th and Martin Hudy in 8th position for Team Xray. Most of the other XRAY top drivers fell down to the B final which was fully loaded with top drivers. The competition at the event was really very high, with only 4 seconds separating the bottom of the A main from the top of the D main.

Modified category qualifiers results: click to enlarge
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1. Marc Rheinard
2. Simo Ahoniemi
3. Ronald Volker
4. Jilles Groskamp – XRAY T2’007
5. Marc Fisher
6. Juho Levanen
7. Steen Graversen
8. Martin Hudy – XRAY T2’007
9. Shinosuke Adachi
10. Bjorn Prumper

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12. Viktor Wilck – XRAY T2’007
13. Alex Stocker – XRAY T2’007
15. Martin Christensen – XRAY T2’007
17. Steven Weiss – XRAY T2’007
19. Bart Wubben – XRAY T2’007

19 turns finals click to enlarge
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Bastian Henning, after setting TQ, also dominated finals winning the first two races. The rest of our team in the A main were not so lucky, as traffic problems cost them better result. Thomas was very fast in the finals with his T2'007 and he always moved forward very quickly but mistakes caused him to finish 8th overall.

Final results: click to enlarge
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1. + TQ - Bastian Hennig - XRAY T2
2. Bastian Schäfer
3. Lars Hoppe
4. Mike Niemann
5. Oliver Näthe - XRAY T2
6. Peter Deggelmann - XRAY T2
7. Christopher Grimm - XRAY T2
8. Thomas GĂĽnsel - XRAY T2'007

9. Mike Linge
10. Kai Maurus

Modified finals: click to enlarge
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In the first of the triple A mains, Jilles got tangled up in traffic and bumped back into 10th position, but his car worked superb and he was able to move back up to sixth place before time expired as Mar Rheinard went on to win the first final.

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Although Jilles had bad luck in the first final, he showed his driving skills and car performance in the second final charging hard to take 2nd in the second final behind Marc Rheinard (securing the overall event win for Marc) and winning the third final by 2 seconds after fighting to pass Simo Ahoniemi. Martin fought traffic issues throughout the finals until he was able to put in a clean run in the third final, finishing in 4th place, only .8s behind 2nd to secure his final position of 8th overall.

Final Result click to enlarge
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1. Marc Rheinard
2. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY T2'007
3. Simo Ahoniemi
4. Juho Levanen
5. Ronald Völker
6. Marc Fischer
7. Steen Graversen
8. Martin Hudy - XRAY T2'007
9. Shinosuke Adachi
10. Björn Prümper

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The debut of the new T2’007 at the European international race was very successful and we are anxiously looking forward to the whole indoor season.

Big thanks goes to the Team Xray, the race organisers and all the drivers at this event making it another excellent race. See you next time.

Overall 19T results:
1 Bastian Hennig XRAY T2
2 Bastian Schäfer
3 Lars Hoppe
4 Mike Niemann
5 Oliver Näthe XRAY T2
6 Peter Deggelmann XRAY T2
7 Christopher Grimm XRAY T2
8 Thomas GĂĽnsel XRAY T2
9 Mike Linge
10 Kai Maurus
11 Jens Kröger
12 Stefan Jansen
13 Michael Kiesewetter
14 Bernd Haas XRAY T2
15 Sören Jeppesen
16 Kevin Schumacher XRAY T2R
17 Andreas Weyhoven
18 Florian Ring XRAY T2
19 Troels Troelsen
20 Tony Streit
21 Peter Sobota
22 Jan Bohlen
23 Oilver Basdorf
24 Johnni Andersen
25 Michael Zipfel
26 Martin Kruse
27 Björn Brockmann
28 Julian Dopstadt
29 Kevin Buchheim XRAY T2
30 Marc Kreisig
31 Jochen Ziegenhain XRAY T2
32 Dai Sakaguchi
33 Jochen Janik XRAY T2
34 Marco Donadelli
35 Stephan Eberding
36 Frans Heinsbroek XRAY T2
37 Peter Creemers
38 Elena Kolloff
39 Arjan Wolters
40 Sascha Braun
41 Daniel Furlemeier
42 Peer Gutenberger XRAY T2
43 Jörg Westerhaus XRAY T2
44 Stefan Klein XRAY T2
45 Karsten Bartsch
46 Jan LĂĽtkefent
47 Simone Assali
48 Sascha Brosowski
49 Carsten Anghel
50 Max Schmitz
51 Thomas Lanwert XRAY T2
52 Oliver Heibrock
53 Martin Vonderschen XRAY T2
54 Carsten Madsen
55 Jan Van Steeg
56 Christian Königer XRAY T2
57 Thomas Hallaschka XRAY T2
58 Michael Dietz
59 Detlef Paetzel
60 Matthias Sandbothe
61 Jens Langediekhoff
62 Jörg Mampel XRAY T2R
63 Thomas Adolfs XRAY T2
64 Jens Otto Frederiksen
65 Henrik Heitsch
66 Patrick Kemmer
67 Patrick Beltrallo XRAY T2
68 Gilles Choque XRAY T2
69 Fabio Iotti
70 Mathias Grabis
71 Rüdiger Römling XRAY T2
72 Roland Jansen XRAY T2
73 Rob Bruijn XRAY T2
74 Tom Maquel
75 Michael Frey XRAY T2
76 Patrick Van Der Knaap XRAY T2
77 Michael Birnbaum
78 Gerry Kimmel XRAY T2
79 Allan Nymark
80 Hans-GĂĽnther Heitsch
81 Stefan Melmer
82 Ronald Bestmann
83 Danny Lundgreen
84 Jan Kraanen XRAY T2
85 Jill Bartsch
86 Eric Mulder XRAY T2
87 Gerd De Vries
88 Christian Haas XRAY T2
89 Peter Sorensen
90 Torsten Faber
91 Joost Van Leeuwen XRAY T2
92 Josef Schumacher
93 Mike Weiwers
94 Jaqueline Schumacher
95 Jan Gehrig
96 Joop Voorn XRAY T2
97 Wolfgang Seng
98 Rob Lowik XRAY T2
99 Callo Albanese
100 Hape Basdorf
101 Marco Assali
102 Paul Da Graca XRAY T1EVO2
103 Roberto Prandini
104 Klaas Lodewijks
105 Pier Bertoncin

Overall Modified results:
1 Marc Rheinard
2 Jilles Groskamp XRAY T2'007
3 Simo Ahoniemi
4 Juho Levanen
5 Ronald Völker
6 Marc Fischer
7 Steen Graversen
8 Martin Hudy XRAY T2'007
9 Shinosuke Adachi
10 Björn Prümper
11 Victor Wilck XRAY T2'007
12 Christer Andersson
13 Toni Rheinard
14 Daniel Sieber
15 Bart Wubben XRAY T2'007
16 Martin Fish Christensen XRAY T2

17 Hupo Hönigl
18 Soren Eskildsen
19 Steven Weiss XRAY T2'007
20 Alex Stocker XRAY T2'007
21 Steffen Leinburger
22 Jonas Kaerup
23 Yannick PrĂĽmper
24 Daniel Wohlgemuth
25 Felix Bischoff
26 Jean-Marc Betticher
27 Johan Eskildsen
28 Bernhard Bopp
29 Andreas Myrberg XRAY T2'007
30 Sakke Ahoniemi
31 Cyril N´dyale
32 Chris Grainger
33 Joel Myrberg XRAY T2'007
34 Jonas Andersson XRAY T2'007
35 Alex Hagberg XRAY T2'007

36 Markus Mobers
37 Marc Bösiger
38 Niclas Nilsson XRAY T2
39 Vaclav Strupek XRAY T2'007
40 Freddy SĂĽdhoff
41 Alex Löbel XRAY T2
42 Fabian Ehrhardt
43 Mischa Kroos
44 Olaf Thiele
45 Christoph Thiele
46 Patrick Gassauer
47 Arnaud Constanty
48 Mathias Rascol XRAY T2'007
49 Hugo Van Den Berg XRAY T2
50 Hugo Ragaut
51 David Ehrbar XRAY T2
52 Christopher Krapp
53 Federico Sala
54 Stefan BrĂĽck
55 Mario Diedrich
56 Lars Alex Jensen
57 Christian Schamp
58 Pascal Schönrock
59 Stefan Bellity XRAY T2
60 Koen Geurds
61 Martin Hofer
62 Sacha Lnenicka XRAY T2'007
63 Luca Torreggiani XRAY T2
64 Juray Hudy XRAY T2'007
65 Dennis. Kalinowski
66 Rob Janssen XRAY T2
67 Dirk Wischnewski XRAY T2'007
68 Ronald Arts XRAY T2
69 Tim Altmann XRAY T2
70 Dennis Fadtke
71 Thomas Mikkelsen
72 Ronny Lnenicka XRAY T2'007
73 Marcel Geiger
74 Tobias Focks XRAY T2
75 Tony Vredenberg XRAY T2'007
76 Kai Altmann XRAY T2
77 Thorsten Schiller XRAY T2
78 John Pape
79 Sascha Speck
80 Benoit Labbez XRAY T2
81 Arjen Potharst XRAY T2
82 Richard Arts XRAY T2
83 Emil Vidisson XRAY T2
84 Oscar Callard XRAY T2
85 Wesley Van Dijken
86 Andreas Klei XRAY T2
87 Oliver Franke XRAY T2
88 Michael Ravn XRAY T2
89 Manfred Tallen
90 Marco Mecugni XRAY T2
91 Uwe Naujoks