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Report by Patrick Danielsen
Danish National Indoor Champion in Super Stock 22-23

After some good first races and good last races I was able to win the overall championship.

I also somehow managed to win the last race of the season, even though Tim Benson was the fastest on track.

It’s great that the German top guys join our races, its lift the competition even higher.

My ruddog battery powered XRAY X4’23 together with Phub tire additive package has been phenomenal all season long!

A special thanks to my sponsors for making this possible!!!

Super stock overall results:
1. Patrick Danielsen - XRAY X4

Stock results:
1. Ole Strandlyst - XRAY X4
2. Tristan Bergheim
3. Rune Gustavsen

Stock under 16:
1. Kristian Bjork Jensen - XRAY
2. Sebastian Dalgaard
3. Kristoffer Lyhne Jensen XRAY