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Additional Information for the ball-bearings
After feedback that T2'007 ball-bearings tend to fail sooner than usual, we have performed in-depth analysis, measurement, and comparison to the previous batches of ball-bearings. All measurements and testing have shown that the ball-bearings in the T2'007 kits have no defects with respect to size, material, or workmanship; in fact, the ball-bearings are manufactured with higher precision and tolerance than previously. The situation is in fact due to the increased precision and higher tolerances of these ball-bearings; when dust or carpet fibres enter into the ball-bearing it becomes trapped and the ball-bearing locks up and unfortunately, this tends to happen sooner than the previous batch of ball-bearings.

For this reason the ball-bearings must be serviced, cleaned, and oiled more frequently when the car is run in dusty conditions or on carpet with fibres.

We suggest the following maintenance procedures for the T2'007

1) Apply standard bearing oil in all ball-bearings BEFORE installing the ball-bearings in the car.

2) When running in dusty conditions or on carpet with fibres (which stick to the car) you will have to clean and oil the ball-bearings much more frequently. For this reason we suggest that you regularly inspect the bearings, clean all the debris from the car, and oil the bearings.

3) When servicing, always apply a sufficient amount of bearing oil.

4) The increased amount of servicing is essential when the ball-bearings are new. By regular use and servicing the ball-bearings will develop higher play.