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Race report by Markus Feldmann
The championship race of the western division was held on December 2 & 3 at the Viol Race track. Open practice was held on Saturday and I started with a very basic setup. Laptimes where very good so we started playing with some minor changes. Finally the day ended and we were very happy with our cars.

On Sunday we had 4 rounds of qualifying. The first round went very well and I set the TQ time of this round in Modified category. The second round started well again, but the car felt very strange after a few laps and I had difficult time since I was 'diffing out' almost anywhere. We changed the diff setting and it was better. The third round didn't go well at all since the diff locked time to time and it was very hard to drive. Again we changed some parts in the rear diff but then again in the fourth round the car didn't feel too good after a few minutes. Due to these problems I only qualified 3rd for the A-Main.

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We took the diff apart again and discovered the problem; the small C-clip holding the thrustbearing came out of its groove and moved all the way. So sometimes the diff would lock up and sometimes it was completely open.

We solved that problem and I won the first A-main. The second A-main went well again, though I got hit by another car when I was already in the lead again and it took me back to 5th position... but I managed to get back into 2nd position 0.4 seconds behind the leader before time expired, so I took 2nd position. The third final went very well again and the car felt excellent; I took another win here and the overall win, too!

1. Feldmann, Markus XRAY T2'007
2. Pruemper, Yannic
3. Pruemper, Bjoern
4. Kalinowski, Dennis
5. Diedrich, Mario

1. Treder, Lars XRAY T2'007
2. Reschke, Dominik
3. Treder, Mike XRAY T2'007
4. Schoenrock, Pascal
5. Grimm, Christopher

Markus Feldmann Set-up sheet.