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Race report by Greg Mills, TQ and winner of Mod
It was time for the first leg of the WCIC in Medicine Hat Alberta. Our team members from Calgary very anxious to try the new car. The '007 was a bit of a rush build for all of us but it went together very well. After a couple packs to break in the diffs it was time to see what the '007 had. Just a couple laps in it was obvious that the car was quicker than the T2. After the first heat of qualifying I knew the car needed something, so I made a quick ackerman and traction compound change and the car was perfect. The main turned out to be very rough. I made my way carefully though lap traffic and took home a comfortable win in touring mod.

Race report by Dwayne Flodell, winner of 19 Turn
This race weekend was going to be interesting for me to say the least. This was going to be my first race with an XRAY having just joined the Can West R/C /XRAY Canada team. I didn't even get to see my new chassis until Friday afternoon. The top team driver in my area Greg Mills stayed up late Thursday night to build my chassis as I was out of town on business. When I had first seen the chassis it was unreal. So low and sleek looking. Knowing Greg Mills for some time now, I knew that the build up of the kit was going to be flawless. The battery slots were perfect, nice beveled edges on the bottom plate and the suspension components were very smooth, Greg told me the kit quality is the best he has seen.

The practice sessions were very good. The chassis felt very fast right from the first lap. When Greg built the chassis he used his original T2 setup. This setup was nearly perfect for the track. With not having to make any changes during practice we knew that the Xray T2 '007 was going to be tough to beat on Saturday for the qualifiers.

When the Team Xray drivers Rodney Littau, Greg Mills and myself showed up at the track Saturday morning we had a lot of confidence in the new Xray. I was running in 19 turn touring and touring modified. Right off the line of the first qualie the '007 was outstanding. Rodney Littau was also running in the 19 turn spec class. I had the TQ spot after the first round and Rodney and I swapped it back and forth in each run. I managed to hold on to the TQ spot at the end of the day with a last chance qualie left for Sunday morning.

Sunday morning Rodney was smoking in the last qualie. He took the TQ in 19turn and set himself up for a great starting position for the main. When the tone went for the start of the main Rodney and I took off from the pack. Rodney was quick but I was right there behind him. A couple of laps in Rodney got tangled with a back marker and opened the door for me to get by. Being a short track with the lap times being around the 8 second range, by the time Rodney got going again I was half a lap ahead. He really pushed his T2 '007 and caught back up in a couple of laps. We diced it out until the end of the race which I managed to hold him off for the win. Rodney Littau has very good control in traffic and at times our cars were really close but we never touched, excellent racing for sure.

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L-R Rod Littau, Greg Mills, Dwayne Flodell
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A big thanks to the Mdicine Hat club for puting on a great race with an awesome layout, and to Korgae Scales of X-Ray Canada and Can-West R/C for everything!

1 Rod Littau (TQ) XRAY
2 Stuart Lackie XRAY
3 Jim Chapman XRAY

1 Dwayne Flodell XRAY
2 Rod Littau (TQ) XRAY

3 Kevin Phillips

1 Greg Mills (TQ) XRAY
2 Dwayne Flodell XRAY

3 Ty Tessmann

Greg Mills Set-up sheet.