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 Part number: # 389182
 Released: Aug. 28, 2005
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The XMC300R electronic speed controller is bi-directional and is one of the world’s smallest ESCs and has been specially designed for the XRAY M18 and M18T. A high competition speed controller suggested for high competition – a ‶must have※ for serious racers. Based on SMD technology, the result is a very small high-quality electronic device. This forward-and-reverse ESC features proportional throttle, and reverse, and battery elimination circuitry (BEC).

The XMC300R ESC is designed for use with micro stock motor, micro modified motor, and 300 Super Size motor. Mounts easily to the M18 and M18T chassis.

Input Power: 4-6 cell battery NiMH or NiCD / 4.8V – 7.2V
Min. Resistance: 0.032Ω/7.5V
Max. Resistance: 0.040Ω/6V
Continuous Current: max. 15A
Peak Current: max. 50A/0.05 sec.
PWM Frequency: 900 Hz
BEC: 5V / 0.5A steady; 5V / 1.0A short-timed
Dimensions (without wires): 30.0x19.5x10.5 mm (1.180x0.768x0.413※)
Temperature Range: 0-40°C / 32-72°F