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 Part number: # 300005
 Released: Mar. 16, 2005
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Replaced by XRAY T2 

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The XRAY T1FK’05 is the next evolution of the hugely successful multi-national champion XRAY T1 Factory Kit 1/10 scale luxury competition touring car. Designed by the XRAY engineering team, headed by world famous Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy, the main focus was blending the optimized race proven geometry with a new chassis platform that would be quicker and easier to set up for all different track conditions. The new platform achieves a new improved balance that will allow you to compete like never before. Combining luxury with the next level of performance -
XRAY T1FK’05...Choose the next level... Now!

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T1FK’05 is the 5th generation of the T1 concept which caused a sensation in the touring car world and over the years captured multiple National titles as well capturing prestigious ‶Car of the Year,※ ‶World’s Best Touring Car,※ and ※Best Craftsmanship Award.※ With the arrival of the new T1FK’05, the new chassis platform will ensure that the winning streak will continue well into 2005. With an optimized layout that concentrates more weight closer to the centerline of the chassis, the T1FK’05 platform will produce improved traction, cornering speed, and steering on all surfaces.

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The concept of the T1FK’05 is straight forward – the best high-competition no-compromise luxury touring car straight out of the box. Whether you race on foam tires or rubber tires, whether you run on asphalt or carpet, the incorporated range of adjustments will quickly enable you to adjust the T1FK’05 to all racing conditions. Combining legendary XRAY luxury quality with a high-competition pedegree brings you a touring car that features only the very best materials, attention to detail and design, and leading performance.

New T1FK'05 parts: click to enlarge
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• fully adjustable rear diff angle and height adjustment - an XRAY innovation that allows you to quickly dial in more or less traction
• unique, revolutionary front XRAY Multi-Diff™: one-way / one-way solid / full time solid axle
• new adjustable bell-crank post position allows you to move the complete assembly forward or backward to change your Ackermann settings
• ultra low center-of-gravity
• new ultra-light T6 7075 Swiss CNC machined front and rear aluminum bulkheads with integrated belt tension adjustment
• the world's narrowest chassis with optimized weight distribution. Both the battery and the motor are strategically positioned close to the car's centerline to increase cornering speed

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• 6-cell battery pack positioned on one side
• new super efficient twin belt drive train featuring over sized pulleyes with new 1.7 internal ratio
• new super-efficient 20T middle shaft pulley enables better belt wrapping and improved drive train efficiency
• lightweight aluminum pro layshaft supports the spur gear to eliminate driveline vibration and produce a positive balance
• optional aluminum roll center blocks included for more tuning options.
• separate lightweight keyed motor mount produces a flex free design

Adjustment possibilities and other specs: click to enlarge
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• fully adjustable front and rear suspension geometry: caster, camber, toe-in, anti-dive, anti-squat, ride height, down-stops, track width, roll center, wheelbase, rear diff height
• adjustable Hudy Spring Steel™ turnbuckles (steering, front & rear upper
• externally adjustable racing shocks (4-step)
• pre-drilled chassis locations for optional chassis weights
• efficient C-hub suspension with short suspension arms
• externally adjustable, fully assembled and specially lightened hardcoated aluminum rear differential with carbide balls and carbide axial thrustbearing
• specially lightened one-way outdrives manufactured from Hudy Spring Steel™

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• ultra-lightweight driveshafts hand made from Hudy Spring Steel™- world's lightest
• lightweight hardcoated duraluminum wheel axles
• front and rear Factory Kit shock towers with optimized shock mounting and roll center positions
• pure racing design, long life, ultra-stiff chassis
• very easy assembly/disassembly and maintenance
• fully independent, fully adjustable suspension
• efficient 2-belt, 4WD system with ultra-low CG
• majority of parts are fully compatible with the T1, T1 EVO2 and T1FK

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