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 Part number: # 333401
 Released: May 30, 2007
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New for the NT1 is this adjustable rear anti-roll bar set that allows you to quickly and easily adjust rear anti-roll bar stiffness without replacing any parts. Featuring a beautifully CNC-machined roll bar body from premium Swiss 7075 T6 and anti-roll bar blades machined and precision hand ground from world's most exclusive Hudy Spring Steel™ that have also been specially hardened to provide extra long life and high strength. The set has two adjustable anti-roll bar blades that are locked in place by easily-accessible setscrews.

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Perfect for serious racers looking for the ultimate in anti-roll bar tunability, this rear anti-roll bar creates a noticeable difference in handling. After long term testing the XRAY R&D team has developed an anti-roll bar system with optimal flex; cutting the alu body allowing extra flex while still being stiff enough to transfer the anti-roll bar function through the blades.

• Fully-adjustable rear anti-roll bar set
• Optimal flex for rear anti-roll bar
• CNC-machined components
• Premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum body
• Exclusive HUDY Spring Steel™ blades
• Quick, easy rear anti-roll bar tuning… no other parts required