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 Part number: # 338712
 Released: May 30, 2007
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XRAY proudly offers an innovative, easy-to-use solution for altering chassis stiffness on the NT1.

The optional Multi-Flex Technology™ 1-piece engine mounting system for the NT1 includes CNC-machined graphite brace plates, and is used to increase chassis stiffness in engine bay area.

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XRAY’s innovative Multi-Flex Technology™ (MFT™) was originally designed for 1/10 electric touring cars, and has resulted in some of the most significant milestones in touring car development in the past few years.

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The optional MFT™ 1-piece engine mounting system for the NT1 allows you to adjust NT1 chassis stiffness in the engine bay to suit various racing conditions or driving styles.

The standard 2-piece engine mount was designed and tested to allow the give chassis flex that suits most driving styles and racing conditions. For specific racing conditions or driving styles, the middle of the chassis can be additionally reinforced by installing the optional MFT™ 1-piece engine mount which features reinforcing legs both front and rear, reinforcing the chassis and stiffening the flex. Additional graphite braces may be installed between the MFT™ 1-piece engine mount and rear bulkheads (and/or to the front holders next to the battery packs) to create a very solid and ultra-stiff platform.

• MFT™ 1-piece engine mounting system for NT1
• Patented Multi-Flex Technology™
• Easy to install
• Precision CNC-machined
• High-strength alu alloy
• Graphite brace plates
• Straightforward chassis stiffness adjustment
• Quick-mount engine locating system