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 Part number: # 338716
 Released: Nov. 02, 2010
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XRAY optional Brass Engine Mount for NT1 provides solid engine mounting and easy adjustment.

The Monoblock Engine Mount is recommended for all conditions. The Monoblock design provides a stiffer design than the standard single engine mounts but is still a bit more flexible than the Multi-Flex™ 1-Piece Engine Mounting System (#338712). The engine area of the car and the area between engine and 2-speed is reinforced but the flex of the chassis is still available. The reinforced area of the chassis between the engine and 2-speed gears reduces the chance of spur gear breakage or stripping.

CNC-machined from premium brass material. Precision machined with highest tolerances using premium fully-automatic German CNC-machines. Ultra-strong construction provides very long life and durability in even the most extreme racing conditions. The weight of the monoblock from brass material is 53.5g and is heavier by 26g then standard monoblock. Thanks to this extra weight, car has more incorner steering and not so much extra weight is needed.