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 Part number: # 330004
 Released: Sep. 14, 2010
Stock status: 
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XRAY is very proud to share with you the most exciting moments of the World Champion title.

The XRAY world-wide team has over the decade captured – in different categories around the world – more than 42 titles of US Champion, 13 titles of European Champion and 300+ National Champion titles. This year, Team XRAY adds to this extensive victory list the most coveted and most valuable title : WORLD CHAMPION!

Celebrate with us these wonderful and glorious moments, celebrate with us our first World's gold medal with the collectors' limited edition Ralph Burch NT1 World Champion Edition loaded with all the newest and finest option parts as used by the XRAY Factory Team and Ralph Burch to win the World's title.

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331215 Graphite Upper Holder For Bumper

332401 Downstop Independent Alu Front Anti-roll Bar

335511 2-speed Shaft - Lightweight

335711 Front Middle Shaft - Lightweight

335250 Alu Wheel Hubs

335072 Lightweight Diff Outdrive Adapter - Short

335073 Lightweight Diff Outdrive Adapter - Long

335081 Alu Hardcoated Diff Pins

336155 Graphite Battery Plate

336231 Alu Radio Plate Mounts (L+R)

338716 Brass Engine Mount

334111 Ventilated Brake Disc

334141 Lightweight Brake Disk Adapter

335521 Lightweight Carrier For 2-speed Gear

335531 Lightweight Drive Flange

334061 Alu Brake Post Arm

338501 XCA High-dynamic Clutch Set

338513 Lighweight Clutchbell

338532 Lightweight Flywheel

338561 Flyweight Set

338571 Clutch Disk

338578 Clutch Shoe - Red

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