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 Part number: # 360500
 Released: Oct. 11, 2013
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XB4 2WD shares all the finest features of the European Champion XB4…refined for the 2WD class. Tested, developed & designed for high-traction tracks, carpet & astro, the XB4 2WD is everything you need.

"The success of the XB4 platform which took the racing world by a storm surprised everyone but us. The R&D and racing teams have spent countless hours for nearly 2 years in developing, prototyping and testing the all-new XB4 platform to create the best-performing 1/10 off-road racing car. The European Champion title in its first year of debut has been a stamp of our dedication and passion that we put into this project, and a reward for the work of the entire team. Based on the XB4 platform, the 2WD version shares all the racing DNA of the XB4 and shares almost all parts to make both cars fully compatible with each other.

The new XB4 2WD is everything you need for high-traction tracks, carpet or astro to bring you to the winners circle.※

Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy
XRAY XB4 designer

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