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 Part number: # 340003
 Released: Feb. 14, 2014
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Replaced by XRAY RX8 2016 Specs 

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Prestige... Elegance... Luxury... Performance...

"The road to realizing my dream was often filled with challenges, twists & turns, revelations & victories. Such was the literal truth in my pursuit of the ultimate racing machine, fuelled by passion and vision… a dream realized as the RX8. With a full stable of nearly every imaginable RC car in the XRAY line-up, the center stage held an empty spot for a new flagship to showcase XRAY ideals, philosophy, and commitment to racing perfection.

Borne of childhood passion and developed from my 37-year heritage of dedication to engineering ingenuity, the RX8 was crafted for one purpose: to be the definitive representation of XRAY craftsmanship and sophisticated engineering. My quest for realizing the dream has involved the full range of the substantial resources at XRAY’s disposal: concept & design, research & development in virtual and physical reality, and rigorously thorough testing before the RX8 races out of the stable and into the arms of the eagerly waiting world. Joining its brethren in the XRAY family, the RX8 is positioned to capture the hearts and minds of the racing world, and carry them into the Winner’s Circle."

Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy
XRAY chief designer

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"Taking over the further development of the RX8 has been a real challenge for me but also a great opportunity at the same time. The first years of the all-new RX8 have been very exciting and successful with winning multiple national championships including the US national title as well the Winternats titles.
The XRAY on-road racing team, as well as the R&D team, have been doing a fantastic job and I am more than proud to present you the newest version of the RX8.

Development at XRAY never stops, nor does our pursuit of perfection. The new updated version of the RX8 brings forth all the best from the RX8 platform and adds plenty of refinements and improvements to make the already successful car even more reliable with increased performance and handling."

Martin Hudy
XRAY RX8 platform designer


The RX8 is a typical XRAY car - a premium, professional, high competition model racing car for the most demanding racers, developed and designed with attention to the smallest details. Manufactured from premium European materials, machined using state of the art Swiss and German machines and backed by premium service & support, the RX8 is a typical XRAY, a luxury masterpiece.

Smooth flowing lines, distinctive design touches, all sculpted in lightweight platform - an expression of power, dramatic styling, superior technology, pure luxury and performance. With XRAY's uncompromising design philosophy bringing everything together to make the best nitro on-road car, the RX8 has the unique XRAY character, born of precision craftsmanship and highest attention to detail. For drivers with an irrepressible drive to win, the RX8 is the answer.

The ultimate expression of racing passion. The art of performance. RX8.

2014 All-new Features:
• All-new completely redesigned platform
• All-new chassis
• All-new front bulkheads
• All-new rear bulkheads
• All-new radio plate
• All-new 2-speed
• All-new rear transmission
• All-new clutch
• All-new shock towers
• All-new shock absorbers
• All-new front arms
• All-new steering blocks
• All-new rear uprights
• All-new front upper bumper
• All-new front & rear anti-roll bar systems
• All-new Ackermann positions
• All-new front middle shaft mounting system
• All-new graphite aerodynamic disks
• All-new pivot pins with grooves
• All-new fuel tank mounting system

Learn more about the XRAY RX8 2014 here at www.teamxray.com/rx8