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 Part number: # 370502
 Released: May 26, 2014
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Replaced by XRAY X10 2016 Specs 

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The X10 is an all-new 1/10 GT pancar based on the XRAY’s European Championship-winning X12 pancar. Sharing many high-performance parts with its smaller cousin, the X10 has all the finest details incorporated into it to achieve a state of perfection. XRAY focused its efforts on refining all of the already well-thought-out parts and assemblies to make the new X10 easy to drive, work on, and adjust.

Designed in virtual reality using the world's most sophisticated CAD tools, and manufactured using the world's best machining and molding machinery, the X10 has attained a level of premium perfection in all details that is second to none. All parts are purpose-designed and manufactured by XRAY, so all parts fit and work perfectly together.

In a world where overly-complicated designs can sometimes hinder rather than enhance, the X10 stands alone and ahead as the best performing out-of-the-box racer.

Martin Hudy
XRAY Designer

Learn more about the XRAY X10 2015 Specs here at www.teamxray.com/X10

2015 All-new Features:
• All-new chassis
• All-new narrower design
• All-new weight balance
• All-new battery placement
• All-new narrower rear pod
• All-new link rear pod upper plate
• All-new composite pod link placement
• All-new ride height shims
• All-new side tubes
• All-new rear link brace
• All-new side spring placement
• All-new front suspension arms
• All-new front suspension harder material
• All-new front track-width adjustment
• All-new servo saver
• All-new ride height adjustment
• All-new front eccentric inserts
• All-new composite balls for front kingpin suspension