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 Part number: # 360002
 Released: Oct. 24, 2014
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Replaced by XRAY XB4 2016 Specs 

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New XB4 ... the European Champion…the beast to beat

XRAY raised the bar in the 1/10 buggy class with the XB4, bringing a new high-quality, high-performance player into the field for all others to measure themselves against. Now with a more adaptive platform, XRAY’s 1/10 buggy, the new XB4’15, is even more the beast to beat.

We present the new 2-in-1 concept in the 2015-spec XB4, giving the ability to change or reposition components on the car to use a short LiPo battery pack -or- saddle packs. Everything has been considered, adapted, and included: repositionable bulkheads, slipper clutch, and motor mount; different upper decks and center CVD drive shafts; even a repositionable radio trays and servo mounts. This is an incredible leap forward to make the XB4 platform ultra-diverse to satisfy the needs, wants, and desires of racers around the world.

The new XB4 is artistically crafted in our in-house XRAY factory by design & production specialists, and then extensively tested and refined by the world's best drivers. Designed, developed, and fully manufactured in Slovakia, Europe, with XRAY's legendary attention to the details, fine materials and extreme performance, I am excited to present you the all-new XB4.

Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy
XRAY XB4 designer

2015 All-new Features:
• All-new 2-in-1 concept
• Short battery pack -or- saddle pack alternative configurations
• All-new alu chassis frame
• All-new chassis side guards
• All-new graphite front upper deck
• All-new graphite rear upper deck
• All-new alternative graphite top decks (for short battery pack)
• All-new graphite center upper deck
• All-new composite front and rear chassis lower brace
• All-new reinforced front chassis bumper
• All-new front graphite shock tower
• All-new rear reinforced rear uprights
• All-new central slipper clutch
• All-new slipper clutch shaft
• All-new slipper clutch outdrives
• All-new steel diff crown gear
• All-new steel bevel drive gear
• All-new reinforced drive shaft safety collars
• All-new reinforced rear wing post
• All-new alu motor bulkhead
• All-new composite central bulkhead
• All-new central front & rear drive shafts
• All-new alternative central front & rear drive shafts (for short battery pack)
• All-new +2mm rear roll center suspension holders
• All-new radio plate
• All-new reinforced bulkheads
• All-new longer battery strap
• All-new higher servo mount
• Al-new shorter front body post
• All-new battery strap holders
• All-new wider XB4 body

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