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 Part number: # 301327
 Released: Sep. 21, 2018
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Front eccentric body mount set with 6mm-thick +1mm height-adjustable body posts. Made from special composite material that provides maximum strength but sufficient flex to reduce body post breakage in hard crashes or car rollovers. The body supports are rounded to have a better fit and provide better support to the car body.

Part of the BPA system – Body Position Adjustment – the eccentric design allows the body posts to be mounted in three different positions to adjust body position.

For serious racers who focus on the small details, body height plays a very important role in the performance of the car and as such, ultra-fine body height tuning was developed by XRAY R&D engineers to address this increasingly important tuning set-up feature.

The body holders have elevated mounting to make body height adjustment very quick and easy. In a few short seconds and two clicks, you can exchange all the body holders to adjust body height.

There are two optional body height adjustable mounts available: either +1mm or +2mm.