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 Part number: # 370705
 Released: Nov. 28, 2019
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Replaced by XRAY X1'21 - LUXURY 1/10 FORMULA 

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Formula 1 racing is the pinnacle of automotive racing technology, where performance and technologies employed challenge the very laws of physics. Inspired by full-scale Formula 1 race cars and proved by long-term track results, XRAY presents the new World Championship winning 1/10 formula car, the XRAY X1.

Team Xray won the first ever World Cup Championship in South Africa. The dominating performance of XRAY was proven when 9 out of 10 A finalists used the X1 car. Jan Ratheisky used the 2019 prototype parts like the new top deck and the optional gear differential.

Learn more about the XRAY X1 here at www.teamxray.com/x1