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 Part number: # 324102
 Released: Dec. 20, 2020
Stock status: 
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•Solid axle for XB2
•Super lightweight
•Maximum performance for stock class
•Long life
•SWISS Alu 7075 T6 Hard Coated

Solid axle set includes lightweight axle shaft with 20T pulley, disc carrier, spur gear and hardware. Axle body is manufactured from alu SWISS Alu 7075 T6 Hard Coated material and has been strategically machined lighter than standard solid axle shaft. Especially hand-ground for maximum precision and smooth operation, additionally heat treated and black coated to ensure long life and maximum performance.

Designed for stock class to reduce maximum rotation mass and eliminate slipper effect.

Super lightweight adapter to eliminate extra weight.

Fits: XB2\\'20-21, XT2\\'21

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