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 Part number: # 376262-K
 Released: Nov. 23, 2020
Stock status: 
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The front alu stand allows to connect graphite arm mount plate with lower suspension arms to increase steering response. There are three different flex settings:

Soft - Connecting graphite brace is not used. The car has less initial steering and is recommended for high traction tracks where the car needs to be easy to drive and less responsive. Recommended for high and very-high traction carpet tracks.

Medium - Graphite brace connects suspension arms. Improves in-corner steering but still keeps the car easy to drive. Recommended for medium-high traction carpet tracks and high traction asphalt tracks.

Stiff - Graphite brace connects suspension arms and the alu front stand. Provides maximum steering response. Recommended for low-medium traction carpet tracks and for all different traction conditions on asphalt tracks.

CNC-machined from premium extra-strong Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum. Black color.