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 Part number: # 376324
 Released: Feb. 23, 2021
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Graphite side braces made from 2.5mm premium-grade graphite material, are mounted to the rear brace, extending forward along the edge of the chassis. The braces are secured to the chassis via aluminum posts and offer three flex settings to alter the chassis characteristics for different track conditions:

Soft setting - the side braces not used. This option will make the car generate more mechanical grip. Best suited for low to medium grip carpet, as well as asphalt.

Medium setting - the side braces are mounted to the rear graphite brace and to the middle of the chassis. A good compromise between mechanical grip and steering response. A good option for most conditions.

Stiff setting - the side braces are mounted to the rear graphite brace, to the middle of the chassis as well as to the front part of the chassis. The stiffest, and most stable option. Best suited for high grip carpet. This setting will allow less roll, and will remove some overall grip.