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 Part number: # 301013
 Released: Sep. 23, 2021
Stock status: 
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X4 Alu Flex Chassis is suitable for most carpet tracks, and high traction asphalt tracks.

The X4 chassis is designed to work with the X4 suspension arms, motor mount, T-brace and features holes for centering pins for the bulkheads, front shock tower, and rear body mounts.

The 2.0mm thick aluminum flex chassis is CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, then black coated and laser engraved.

The ultra-narrow chassis is only 84mm wide and features special cut outs that provide the chassis flex characteristics suitable for a wide variety of the traction levels. The bottom of the chassis is shaped to reduce contact between the chassis and the ground while turning to improve cornering speed.

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