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 Part number: # 308028
 Released: Jul. 12, 2022
Stock status: 
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• Factory drilled 0.8mm holes
• Allows for a heavier shock oil
• More consistent handling
• Set of 4.
• Fits X4 & T4

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PSS pistons with factory drilled 0.8mm holes (2 in each piston).

The drilled PSS pistons makes it possible to use thicker shock oil, while still retaining a lighter damping feel.
A thicker shock oil stays more consistent for hot conditions especially, which makes the car’s grip drop off less throughout the run – which is particularly important for asphalt surfaces on hot day.

Allows for a heavier shock oil to be used, for a more consistent handling. To be used with a PSS shock system for ULP shocks 308029 and SLP shocks 308039. Set of 4.