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 Part number: # 353124-G
 Released: Feb. 15, 2022
Stock status: 
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Rear RIGHT LSM suspension arm made from specially-formulated graphite composite material is a perfect balance between reliability and performance; rigid enough for responsive feel and extreme durability.

The Low Suspension Mounting - LSM arm gives the car an advantage on very rough, bumpy tracks by allowing the car to gain traction and drive forward more consistently through very rough terrain, keeping the tires on the ground and making the car have a more stable feel.

The suspension arm have specially designed geometry for improved handling and the repositioned lower shock mount locations lower the shocks and shock tower to decrease the CG.

Must be used with 353125-G - Rear Left Graphite LSM suspension arm.

• Low Suspension Mounting LSM design
• For very rough & bumpy tracks
• Helps to gain traction & stability
• Consistent handling in rough terrain
• Hard composite alternative for low traction conditions
• Graphite alternative for high traction conditions
• Rear arms only
• Fits XB8\'17 onwards, XB8E\'17 onwards, GTX.2 onwards, GTXE.2 onwards

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