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 Part number: # 364101
 Released: Feb. 15, 2022
Stock status: 
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A complete set of one-way slipper clutch that is included the XB4 kit available now also as a complete spare part set.

Unique Multi-Adjustable Slipper One-way Clutch features 2-in-1 functionality with the adjustable central slipper clutch and adjustable front One-way Slipper to lock-in the front end under acceleration and to adjust slipper off-power handling which influences how easy the car is on landing and under high-speed braking as well prevents traction roll at corner entry.

The Multi-Adjustable Slipper One-way Clutch pushes the carpet track performance of the XB4 to a whole new level. The clutch features 2-in-1 configuration that combines a central slipper clutch with a separately adjustable front one-way slipper.

The Multi-Adjustable Slipper with 2 pads controls the on-power handling of the car with a range from smooth up to aggressive acceleration.

The front one-way slipper features a separate slipper pad to control the one-way output to the front driveline. The smart design uses the one-way bearing lock-up under acceleration along with the main slipper setting to control power delivery like a traditional slipper for maximum traction and acceleration. Off-power, the one-way slipper setting controls the aggressiveness of high speed braking and how the car reacts on jump landings. With the front one-way slipper, the car dives less under heavy braking to improve corner entry without risking traction rolls. The one-way also makes the XB4 more forgiving of angled landings when trying to line up for a corner immediately after a jump.