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 Part number: # 302143-S
 Released: Nov. 25, 2022
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Machined and molded from thinner premium-grade graphite and softer composite materials. The arm is super lightweight and very compact. Soft arm generates more mechanical grip on the car and improves side traction. Recommended for very low & low traction asphalt and carpet tracks. The softer arm is slightly more fragile.

The unique CFF suspension soft arms are an elegant engineering achievement that look great and perform even better on the track. Using XRAY's own developed manufacturing process, a carbon fiber arm and composite arm are molded together using a fusion process to produce a single CFF suspension arm.

The benefits of the CFF arms are tremendous. The thickness of the inner carbon fiber plate determines the hardness and flex of the arm. The composite around the carbon helps control its flex and rebound, resulting in a very consistent feel from corner to corner.

This upper arm will fit on the front left, as well as the rear right side of the car. Soft hardness.