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 Part number: # 369715
 Released: Feb. 27, 2023
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Ultra-lightweight version of the XB4 Delta body reduces the roll of the car and improves corner speed.

The XB4 Delta body features narrower front and rear sections matching the narrow chassis & side guards. The high-performance, low-profile aerodynamic body for XB4 is designed by XRAY to perfectly fit the car.

The Delta bodies feature super-smooth airflow and appropriate downforce characteristics fine-tuned for their intended conditions.

The body is available in Carpet and Dirt version each suitable for particular track conditions.

The Carpet edition of the XB4 Delta body is designed especially for high traction conditions and improves the stability in the fast corners, chicanes and improves rotation in tight corners.

The Dirt edition of the XB4 Delta body is designed for low traction conditions. The design improves the stability and increases traction.

The XB4 Delta body is also available in standard 0.75mm thick version and lightweight 0.5mm version.

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