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 Part number: # 375017-L
 Released: Jan. 27, 2023
Stock status: 
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Lightweight rear gear diff axle shaft for 1/10 pan car or 1/10 formula gear differential features tough shaft that is specially machined for perfect balance and smoothness with zero run-out for vibration-free operation. Made from HUDY Spring Steelâ‾?

Lightweight design for reduced rotating weight. The axle replaces previous Axle Shaft #375017 and fits #374901 – Gear Diff 1/10 Formula and #374902 – Gear Diff 1/10 Pan Car.

Please note that due the nature of the gear differential and the forces and tensions involved, the gear differential with both steel and graphite axle are likely to be less resistant on the wear and/or breakage than the standard ball differentials. If you are not concerned about performance but the reliability and lifetime we suggest to use the standard ball differential.