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 Part number: # 354814
 Released: Sep. 27, 2023
Stock status: 
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• For larger tracks
• Improves top speed
• Eliminates spinning
• Specially designed profiles of 14T gears
• Matched for 46T bevel gear #354846
• Smoother operation
• Longer lifespan
• Fits: XB8 & XB8E

Bevel drive pinion gear - 14T – with longer gear ratio for larger tracks where more top speed or less bottom power for less spinning is required. The bevel drive gear feature specially designed profiles of 14T gears for a perfectly matched engagement for smoother operation, less drag and significantly longer lifespan.

Manufactured from premium HUDY Spring Steel, precision machined on a special gear machine and heat treated for maximum strength, durability, minimal wear, and extra-long lifespan.

Fits together only with 354846

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