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 Part number: # 368101
 Released: Nov. 07, 2023
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The big bore 13.2mm shocks parts are redesigned for overall handling and performance improvements. The big bore shocks improve landings and provide better control over surface unevenness and bumps to improve traction.

There are two different thickness pistons (2.0 and 2.5mm).

The super-efficient pre-oiled X-rings ensure smooth operation and prevent dust inside the shock assembly.

The XB2 shock absorbers feature eccentric lower mounting pivot ball that changes the angle of the shocks when mounted in the arm.

Shock extension is limited using composite shims under the pistons. Maximum compression is limited using composite shims under the shock collar.

The shock absorber is universal for both Dirt and Carpet edition.

This set includes composite bushings for aluminum shock caps. Do not use these composite bushings for composite shock cap from this set. Note that pivot balls for lower ball joints must be used from your kit or purchase separately.

Make sure the X-rings are preoiled before installation.