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 Part number: # 350000
 Released: Aug. 01, 2004
Stock status: 

Replaced by XRAY XB8 TQ 

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The XRAY XB8 is a modern, high-competition premium luxury racing 1/8 nitro off-road car that was designed, developed and styled by Dipl. Eng. Hudy Juraj, manufactured completely and exclusively by XRAY in Slovakia (Europe).

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XB8 was designed around a no compromise platform; the attention to detail creates a low maintenance, extra long life buggy. Ultra low center-of-gravity (CG) and strategically optimized weight balance makes set-up, driving, and maintenance easy and quick.

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XB8 is the only off-road car to include the hop ups all in one box to tune for any condition in the World!

Main Features: click to enlarge
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• full optioned premium high-competition off-road buggy
• innovative I.A.C. (Integrated Adjustable Caster™)
• exlusive Hudy Spring Steel drive train parts
• fully adjustable suspension featuring I.S.S. (Integrated Suspension Settings™)
• 7075 Swiss T6 CNC machined chassis, front/rear shock towers, suspension blocks & brace
• CNC-machined lightweight graphite upper plate, center diff mounting plate, radio plate

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• fully ball-bearing equipped (24 ball-bearings) - special rubber covers, degreased and lightly oiled with AeroShell Fluid 12 oil for maximum smoothness, long life, highest tolerance and maximum performance
• Starburst Wheels formulated from tough plastic composite
• very easy assembly/disassembly and maintenance

Adjustment possibilities: click to enlarge
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• Camber • Caster • Toe-in • Front Inboard Toe-out
• Wheelbase • Front Anti-dive • Rear Anti-squat • Front and Rear Roll-center • Ackermann

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