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Q: What is the M18? 
A: The new XRAY M18 is a 1/18 professional, high-competition, 4WD shaft drive micro racing car that is the epitome of fine distinctive design. The M18 offers highest performance, responsive handling, and traditionally exceptional XRAY quality, engineering, and design.

Q: Why did you decide to make a micro car? 
A: This was a fun project, something innovative that can let people have fun with a top-quality RC car, allowing them to relax and get away from the highly competitive world of racing. XRAY is recognised world-wide as a manufacturer of the highest quality and luxury model racing cars; while designing the M18 we kept to our main and basic strategy – to design and manufacture the highest quality, high competition micro racing car.

Q: How long have you been working on the M18 project? 
A: The first XRAY products had such a great response at the world market, that to keep up with the demand for new products we had to triple our R&D efforts and also very significantly increase our manufacturing processes (which are all done in house). Due to this tremendous increase in our development and manufacturing processes, we are now able to come up with many more new products every year and the entire process has been significantly streamlined. The M18 project took us one year to design the car, make prototypes, produce the car, and the car to the market. We expect this lead time to significantly decrease for the future projects; just to be sure our customers are able to get more XRAY products within a year.

Q: What are the features of the M18? 
A: *1/18 professional 4WD shaft drive micro car with highest performance
* 4-wheel independent suspension
* racing characteristics of 1/10 touring cars
* ultra low center of gravity
* shaft drive drivetrain includes 16 high-speed ball-bearings for maximum efficiency and speed
* ultra-smooth and efficient gear differentials, front and rear
* adjustable shock position for changing damping characteristics
* coil-over shocks for precise chassis handling
* adjustable body posts
* easily adjustable motor mount
* accommodates 4-cell or 5-cell inline micro battery packs, or 6-cell packs with optional chassis
* adjustable front and rear track widths

Q: How much does the M18 weigh? 
A: The kit itself weighs 175 g and with the recommended electronics ready-to-run it weighs approx. 390 g. The ready-to-run weight of the M18 depends largely on the components you use on the car, such as electronics, wheels/tires, body, and so on.

Q: What are the specifications of the M18? 
* wheelbase: 150mm
* front trackwidth: adjustable 98-101mm
* rear trackwidth: adjustable 104-107mm
* front toe-in: preset toe-out 0.5° (adjustable option)
* rear toe-in: preset 4° (adjustable option)
* front caster: preset 12°
* front/rear camber: preset –1°
* adjustable front/rear downstops
* adjustable body height
* adjustable battery position (when using 4-cell battery pack)

Q: What components are included with the M18? 
A: These parts are included:
* set of micro rubber tires, inserts, and wheels
* 1//18 micro body, 150mm
* front foam bumper
* pinion set

Q: What components should be used with the M18? 
A: 150mm micro bodies, standard micro wheels and tires, standard micro motors (stock and modified), standard or micro electronics (micro steering servo recommended).

Q: What is not included in the kit?  
A: The M18 does not include following items: radio system (transmitter and receiver), steering servo, speed controller, motor, battery pack, battery charger, double-sided tape, CA glue.

Q: What else do I need once I get the M18? 
A: You will at the very least need a radio system (transmitter and receiver), micro steering servo, speed controller (ESC), motor, battery pack, battery charger, paint for Lexan bodies, and basic hand tools. The M18 is designed to use standard or micro-size components (although a mini/micro servo is strongly recommended); we recommend using micro-sized components to reduce the car’s weight and save space on the car. We highly recommend getting the M18 Power Pack that includes all the most suitable electronic components. If you decide to get other components, remember the basic rule that the smaller things are, the more they typically cost.

Q: What type of servo should I get? 
A: We recommend using a micro servo, which will fit in the servo mounts provided with the car. There are many good micro servos available for reasonable prices, and these will make your M18 a little lighter and a little faster. We highly recommend getting the M18 Power Pack that includes a very good micro servo. A standard-size servo can be used but it must be mounted in the chassis using double-sided tape.

Q: What type of speed controller should I get? 
A: Again, just about any will do. Smaller is always better. We highly recommend getting the M18 Power Pack that includes a very small, very good micro ESC. Remember to check the specifications of any ESC you plan to purchase to determine if it will fit, and if it will work with the motors and batteries you plan to use in the M18.

Q: What kind of radio should I get? 
A: Just about any radio should be fine. We prefer ‶pistol-grip※ style radios, but it depends on your own taste. Just make sure it has Steering Dual Rate Adjustment. This allows you to control exactly how much the steering servo will move in both directions. Higher end radios will also have Adjustable Travel Volume (ATV) or End Point Adjustment (EPA) adjustments, where you can limit the servo travel differently for each direction (as opposed to equally with Steering Dual Rate). Since the M18 is so small, the servo doesn’t need to use all of its travel. If you can’t limit this servo travel from the radio, your servo will always be straining to turn the M18’s wheels more even after they are turned to maximum, putting undue strain on the servo and the M18.

Q: What other parts available today in the market fit M18? 
A: A great feature of the M18 is that standard 1/18 tires, wheels, micro electronics (motors, servos, receivers, speed controllers), 150mm bodies fit without any problems. XRAY cannot guarantee that special and custom-made option and hop-up parts from other manufacturers will fit the M18.

Q: Does XRAY offer electronics needed to operate the car? 
A: We offer an M18 Power Pack that includes:
* 5-cell NiMH high capacity battery pack
* micro stock motor with integrated capacitor board and wired plug
* highest quality micro servo with metal gears
* 180- micro speed controller, one of the world’s smallest ESC that can be mounted directly to the chassis using predrilled holes.

Q: Will the M18 be offered as an RTR? 
A: At this time the M18 is offered in kit form, but the availability of an RTR is being investigated. Again please note that M18 is a high competition micro car, and as such it is required that the driver assembles the car and learns about all the small adjustable features to effectively tune and set up the car for the highest competition racing. Of course if the demand for an RTR version is significant, XRAY will perform in-depth research on this possibility.

Q: Is the M18 more of a ‶fun※ car rather than a competition car? 
A: It is both a high-competition racing machine, but can also be used for racing for fun. But be assured that the M18 is a professional quality RC racecar that has an innovative design, and all the superb craftsmanship and quality associated with all XRAY products.

Q: Will the XRAY micro car share the high-quality materials and designs from other XRAY cars? 
A: Definitely. XRAY is fully committed to providing only the highest quality products to their customers; XRAY was awarded as the highest quality RC car manufacturer by most worldwide RC magazines. All composite parts are molded from special blends of composite material to provide very stiff and long lasting composite parts and exceptional smooth and silky looking finish of all parts. XRAY cars are well known for their extremely high engineering standards… every single detail is well thought out, and the car is extremely easy to assemble and to work on.

Q: Will the XRAY micro car be competitive with other micro cars? 
A: Of course. Because this is the only micro car at this time to offer fully independent and adjustable suspension you can adjust the car for maximum performance. The precision gear diffs, shaft-drive drivetrain, and full set of 16 high-speed ball-bearings contribute to the M18’s unbelievable acceleration and speed, making the M18 the car to beat at your track.

Q: Is the M18 better suited for big, fast tracks or small, technical tracks?  
A: As the M18 is a professional-quality, high-competition racecar, it is suited for all kinds of tracks. To gain maximum performance of your M18 at a particular track you can use different tires or body, or adjust suspension setup.

Q: Will the price of your new car be comparable to other micro cars on the market? 
A: Yes, the price of the M18 is very comparable to any other micro cars available on the market. Due to the M18’s high performance and extraordinary (but traditional) XRAY quality, it is the best deal for the customer – more quality for the same money.

Q: What is guarantee on the parts?  
A: XRAY guarantees that all parts of a newly-purchased kit are manufactured with the highest regard to quality. However, due to the many factors inherent in model racecar competition, we cannot guarantee any parts once you start racing the car.

Q: Where can I get an M18?  
A: You can purchase the M18 from any authorized XRAY dealer. Please contact your dealer, or email us at [email protected] to get information where to get the any XRAY products in your area.

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