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Instruction Manual For Solid Central Alu Layshaft Set

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This CNC-machined layshaft and precision locating collar is a direct replacement for the original layshaft. This new layshaft assembly is designed for use if you do not use the central one-way pulley,and especially if you use the optional front one-way differential.With its simple,elegant design,both drive pulleys are locked to the layshaft,and the
strategically machined layshaft and collar reduce rotating mass to a minimum without sacrificing strength or durability.

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1. Insert the layshaft with spur gear adapter through the upper ball- bearing in the right rear bulkhead.
2. Slide the locating collar over the layshaft,with the flared end away from the bearing.
3. Slide the pulley shim over the layshaft.
4. Press one 2x10 pin into the layshaft hole closest to the spur gear adapter.

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5. Slide one 16T pulley onto the layshaft,and seat it over the pin.
6. Press the other 2x10 pin into the other layshaft hole.
7. Slide the other 16T pulley into the layshaft,and seat it over the second pin.
8. Secure the pulleys on the layshaft by snapping the E-clip into the layshaft groove.

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   Instruction Manual For Solid Central Alu Layshaft Set