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Parts List
  ID Name
  389102 XRAY M18T Power Pack Pro
  389113 Intellect Battery Pack 5-Cell 1400mAh NiMH - 6.0V
  389114 Intellect Battery Pack 6-Cell 1400mAh NiMH - 7.2V
  389123 XRAY Battery 6-Cell -1100mAh NiMH- 7.2V
  389130 XRAY Micro Cable for Battery Charging
  389131 XRAY Micro Cable With Faston Connector (Set)
  389162 XRAY Micro Motor 300 Super Size with Plug
  389170 XRAY XMS01MG Micro Servo – Metal Gear
  389171 XRAY XMS02MG Micro Servo – Metal Gear
  389182 XRAY XMC300R Micro Speed Controller 300R With Reverse