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XB8 EC Supplementary Instructions

The XB8EC chassis has been updated in the recessed area below the engine to increase the strength and lifespan of the chassis. Due to this design change, the engine screws protrude very slightly beyond the chassis; this effect is intended and has no negative effect on performance or longevity.

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The standard set of 2-hole shock pistons features 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5mm holes, both STRAIGHT and CONICAL. When using any of these 2-hole shock pistons in the XB8EC, we suggest using thinner shock oil. For the basic set-up, we suggest the following configuration:

FRONT shocks: 1.4mm, 2 holes, straight - 350cSt shock oil
REAR shocks: 1.5mm, 2 holes, straight - 350cSt shock oil

Please note that using the standard pistons in the XB8EC shock you need to use much more thinner oil than what you may be used to with the XB8TQ.

Standard 2-Hole Pistons = 350cSt Shock Oil

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To increase shock damping action and improve handling, we suggest drilling 2 additional holes in the straight pistons. This will greatly improve the oil flow and improve shock action.

When drilling the additional 2 holes (to make 4 total) in each piston, it becomes necessary to use thicker oils (similar to the oil weights used in the XB8TQ shocks). Please note that additional holes must ONLY be drilled in the pistons with the STRAIGHT holes. Always drill the additional
holes the same diameter as the existing holes; for example, in the straight 1.3mm piston you must drill two additional 1.3mm holes.

Using the 4-hole pistons, we recommend the following basic set-up:
FRONT shocks: 1.3mm, 4 holes, straight - 500cSt oil
REAR shocks: 1.4mmm, 4 holes, straight - 500cSt oil

Modified 4-Hole Pistons = 500cSt Shock Oil

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Please note that the hardness of the front upper turnbuckles has been modified for the XB8EC kit; the new turnbuckles are purposely softer. In the event of a serious crash, the softer material will allow the turnbuckle to bend slightly instead of breaking; this will help allow you to finish the race.

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