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Tech Tips
M18 original kit:
It was a challenge to make a micro car that is easy for beginners to drive while still allowing professional drivers to achieve top results; we are sure you will agree that the M18 achieves both these aims. We therefore designed the M18 to be easy to drive, yet be easily upgradeable for high competition.

The M18 was designed for club racers and for new drivers, which is why it is so easy to build and have it on the track without any extensive setup. The 4° rear toe-in and 12° caster make it easy to drive and handle well, and the stock gearing gives the car a good balance of acceleration and speed for stock racing. The Power Pack includes all the necessary electronics for completing the kit and running it with a great performance. Using the stock configuration, that is stock motor, 5 cell battery pack and rubber tires, the car will handle extremely well and with high performance and without any problems at all.

Motor overheating:
To achieve the best race times in stock racing without overtaxing a stock motor and electronics, the M18 should be used with the stock 36T spur gear and 17T pinion gear, with a 5-cell (6.0V) battery pack. Note that using higher voltage battery packs, improper gearing, and higher grip foam tires may increase the stress on the electronic components (for example, a stock motor) and result in higher loads, higher heat, and decreased performance.

To run high-performance electronics such as modified motors, super size motors, more than 5 cell batteries, will require different gearing. The optional 42T spur gear and additional pinions will enable you to run these high-performance electronics without having any motor heat-related problems.

To avoid motor overheating, you should make sure that all transmission parts are clean and free from debris, so they turn absolutely freely without binding. To check this, disconnect the motor and turn the main shaft by hand to check that all four wheels turn freely and easily. Also, check for binding in any of
the suspension components, and carefully resolve the problem (for example, exchange ball-bearings, etc.).

Differential "clicking"
The gear differentials were designed and tested using the stock kit configuration, and under racing conditions the differentials work extremely well without problems.
However, the use of higher performance equipment (such as high-performance motors, higher capacity batteries 6 or more cells, or high-grip foam tires), the front diff may make a "clicking" noise. This does NOT result in any significant performance decrease. XRAY is addressing this issue. For those customers who will be running high performance electronics, high-performance options (such as alu adjustable ball differential and front one-way axle) are offered that will eliminate this issue.

Power Pack:
The Power Pack includes all electronics necessary to get the M18 ready to race. The micro stock motor gives a great performance and is a great starting point. The included XMC180 speed controller is one of the world’s smallest digital ESCs with reverse.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: The XMC180 ESC is designed to work only with the micro stock motor and up to 5-cell battery packs; the use of any other motor (modified or super size) will damage the ESC and void the product warranty.

The XMS01MG servo included in the Power Pack features metal gear outputs and is great for the stock M18. Using other plastic-gear servos in the M18 may result in servo breakage; as such we strongly recommend using the servo included in the Power Pack.
An optional servo saver is offered, which will help to alleviate any servo breakage issues with any type of servo.

The XMS01MG servo is not compatible with analog receivers, and the servo will not work with the KO Propo KR-301F receiver.

High performance racing:
For professional racing, high performance option parts are offered to enable you to fine-tune the M18 to achieve better results. Options include, but are not limited to, the following:
• graphite chassis with extra cooling holes
• alu motor mount
• optional gearing (42T spur and additional pinions)
• adjustable ball differential
• front one-way axle
• alu drive shafts
• adjustable toe linkages
• servo saver

Wheels removing:
To remove the outer wheels from the M18, grip the wheel and squeeze it on opposite sites while pulling. This will open up small gaps what will help release it. If the wheel does not pull off, try rocking it from side to side as you pull. If that does not work, you may have to remove the outer&inner wheel assembly. Do this by drilling a hole in the center of the outer wheel, to expose the screw holding the inner adaptor to the driveshafts. Then you can pull both pieces off together.

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