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XB8 Tips 'n Tricks
Gear mesh adjustment
It is very important to ensure that your XB8 has properly adjusted gear mesh. Proper gear mesh gives with sufficient play between the spur gear and clutch bell gears, and will minimize the risk of teeth breakage.

How can gear teeth break on the spur or clutch bell? If you have improper gear mesh between spur gear and clutch bell, there is very little play between the teeth. After a large jump there is an increased possibility of chassis flex in the middle; this causes the teeth to move and engage more and if there is insufficient play then breakage will occur.

To minimize the risk of teeth breakage, adjust the gear mesh so there is more play rather than less play. When the chassis flexes, the teeth have sufficient play and do not block or get stuck.

To adjust gear mesh, release the motor mounts from the bottom of the chassis, adjust gear mesh as appropriate, and then firmly retighten the motor stands. From time to time, check that that there is still sufficient gear mesh. Remember to always set the gear mesh on the looser side rather than tighter.

Eccentric caster bushings
If you experience a problem from the I.A.C eccentric bushings (Integrated Adjustable Caster) beginning to turn around and get loose, follow this small trick. Polish the hinge pins on which the front C block is mounted. Use a bit of grease and apply it to the polished pins, especially the area that is inserted into the eccentric bushing. Tighten the screw that holds the eccentric bushing from outside of the arm sufficiently so the eccentric bushing does not have any play.

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   XB8 Tips 'n Tricks