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Autotec reports on XRAY XB4 win at European Championship
Autotec reports on XRAY XB4 win at European Championship. The text is in spanish.

Download this file here to read the full article.

Read Martin Bayer's report on his win at 2013 European Championship here.

XB4 review in Racer (UK)
Read the full review of the XRAY XB4 in UK magazine Racer. The text is in english.

Here are a few extracts from the article:

"Xray’s reputation in other classes has meant that the XB4 had cult appeal before it was even released!※

"One of the unique features of the XB4 is the Multi-Flex system where you are able to stiffen or soften the chassis by the additon or removal of screws."

"When building this kit, the overall feeling we got was of extremely high quality, and very well thought out design."

"The car is really well balanced and fast too and it carries great corner speed."

Get the issue at your newspaper stand or download this file here

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Read the review of the XB4 in the german magazine RC Car Magazin at here. The text is in german.

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