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XB9 Wins the 2012 Endurance Challenge

T3'12 Wins 2012 AARCMCC Team Associated ACT EP On Road 1/10th Titles

NT1 Wins 2012 Catalonia Championship R2

T3’12 Wins C.I UISP – Round 1

Cristian Villar wins Galicia's 1st Regional race

XB9 at 2012 Neo Race

XB9 Double Podium Finish at 2012 Cyprus Nationals

NT1 Wins Hong Kong Open Race 2012

New XRAY T3 Composite Suspension Arms 1-Hole - Graphite

The all-new graphite suspension arms available now at ETS!

NT1'12 Wins Trophy CRO R3, Portugal

Alpe Adria Cup 2012 Invitation

T3'12 Dominates 2012 Czech Championship - TC Open

RX8 Wins Dutch Nationals – Round 1

T3’12 Wins French Nationals – Round 1