Revolutionary & unique chassis design

First 1/10 off-road 2WD chassis with Multi-Flex Technology™

CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 alu backbone provides stability and stiffness, allowing torsional flex

Precision-engineered composite chassis plate absorbs vibration and works with Multi-Flex Technology™ to allow independent front and rear flex adjustment

Top deck comprised of graphite top deck and alu front brace connected via bushing

Front, center, and rear drivetrain bulkheads keyed to composite frame

Super-easy and fast diff access

Lengthwise & lateral reinforcing braces

Integrated 25° front pre-angle

Well-designed layout for optimum weight distribution and balance for carpet and astro surface

Smart & innovative motor mount with eccentric mounting plate gives solid mounting, and allows for quick & easy mesh adjustment

Composite battery straps

CNC-machined shock towers made from premium-grade 3.0mm thick graphite material, includes variable shock mounting positions

Optional weight mounting positions

Beefy 6mm thick body posts


ISS™ suspension holders for quick & easy suspension geometry setting

Complete set of CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 alu eccentric bushings included

Suspension arms made from exclusive composite mixtures, perfect balance of reliability and performance

CNC-machined SFA™ graphite stiffeners for quick & easy flex adjustment (optional)

Wheelbase adjustment for frontward/rearward weight balance adjustment, or wheelbase shortening/lengthening

Caster blocks made from lightweight & robust composite mixture have preset 6° caster angle

Tiny & tough steering blocks molded from special composite mixture for maximum strength

Compact, strong rear uprights with multiple upper & lower roll center mounting position

Anti-roll bars made of special spring steel, interchangeable between front & rear


Shaft-driven 2WD drivetrain with 1:2.5 internal ratio

Adjustable central slipper clutch made with HUDY Spring Steel™ and ultra-efficient SLS material, gives quick & easy tuning of power delivery from motor to drivetrain

CVDs made from world-renown HUDY Spring Steel™ have the world’s thinnest but most durable drive shafts used in electric off-road cars

CVD assembly features composite safety collars to ensure a captured mounting pin

Drive shafts are hardened by a proprietary process, providing unbeatable lifespan and reliability

Precision-molded, lightweight, robust 81T spur gears

Lightweight 14mm wheel hex drive hubs CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 black-coated alu

Full set of 18 high-speed, blue-sealed ball-bearings, degreased and oiled with Aero Shell® Fluid 12


Super-smooth, super-light maintenance-free composite gear differential is ideal in most types of tracks

Adjustable gear differential stiffness via oil viscosity

Super-lightweight diff outdrives made from HUDY Spring Steel™ are hardened for extended lifespan and reliability

Optional externally-adjustable ball differential for low-traction tracks


Dual-arm steering system is simple yet effective

Integrated easily-adjustable servo saver

Quick & easy Ackermann and bumpsteer adjustment


Big-bore, membrane-less shock absorbers for easy, consistent building and rebound setting

Up-stop and down-stop travel adjustment

CNC-machined shock body, lower nut and bleed shock caps made from Swiss 7075 T6 alu for maximum strength, hardcoated for extra durability

Super-precise Delrin™ molded shock pistons

Shock rods machined from special steel material, precision hand-ground for maximum smooth operation, and additionally hardened for increased lifespan

SLP aluminum shocks have been shortened by more than 7mm to provide maximum stability under all track conditions, while reducing traction roll under high-traction conditions

Specially-designed shock springs compliment new big bore shocks; available in linear or progressive

Shock springs are manually selected for maximum precision, equal length, and equal damping characteristics, laser-engraved for easy identification

Premium silicone shock oils created specially for XRAY use industry-standard cSt ratings

Body, Wing & Wheels

DMX high-performance, low-profile aerodynamic body specially designed by XRAY for perfect fitment and optimal downforce, made from premium-quality Lexan® material

Stylish, effective rear wing made from strong Lexan® material perfectly complements new DMX body

Specially-designed XB4 wheels are perfect for high-performance racing, featuring aerodynamic shape and special reinforcing ribs

Assembly, Set-up & Support

Premium 3D full-color Instruction Manual & supplementary sheets

To fully understand the set-up possibilities we recommend the legendary HUDY Set-up Book (available for download exclusively at which is loaded with over 50 pages of high-quality pictures and easy-to-read RC car set-up explanations

Exclusive Virtual Online Setup Sheet database with thousands of set-up sheets for race tracks around the world

Premium, unmatched XRAY online support

Adjustment Possibilities:

Fully-adjustable front and rear suspension geometry: caster, camber, toe, kick-up, anti-squat, ride height, downstops, track-width, roll center, wheelbase

Multi-Flex Technology™

ISS™ holders and machined inserts

SFA™ graphite plates for suspension arm flex adjustment

Adjustable gear differential stiffness via oil viscosity

Roll center upper & lower adjustment, front and rear

Adjustable HUDY aluminum turnbuckles (steering, front & rear upper links)

Multiple upper and lower shock mounting locations at front and rear

Adjustable Ackermann and bump steer

Adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars

Chassis pre-drilled holes for weight balance adjustment

XB4 2WD Specs:

バンプステアー: アジャスタブル
クラス 1/10 EPオフロード2WD カー
車幅 アジャスタブル 245-250mm
全長 362mm
ホイールベース アジャスタブル284-290 mm
車重 800g
車重(走行状態) 1615g
シャシー アルミCNC スイス7075 T6
シャシートレイ ワンピース
フロントアッパーデッキ カーボン2.1mm厚
サスペンション I.S.S.(インテグレイティッド サスペンション システム
リアサスペンション ロアアーム アジャスタブルアッパーキャンバーリンク
フロントサスペンション "ロアアーム アジャスタブルアッパーキャンバーリンク 
キャスタブロック 6度"
リアアップライト 3ロールセンター位置、トーイン0度
ダンパー ビッグボア、デルリンダンパーピストン
ダンパーステーフロント&リア カーボン3.0mm厚
駆動方式 2WD
主軸 ピニオン/スパー
ドライブシャフト HUDY製 CVDドライブシャフト
センターシャフト HUDY製 ダイレクトコネクトドライブシャフト
デフ 密閉式、6ギヤ、シリコンデフオイル充填
スリッパークラッチ アジャスタブル
ベアリング ラバーシールドボールベアリング
ギヤ比(2次減速比) 1:2.5
デフ ベベルギヤ 14T リア
デフ ギヤ 35T リア
スパーギヤ 81T (84T オプション)
キャンバー アジャスタブル フロント+リア
フロントキャスター" "6度(基本)+23~27度(シャシー)
=29~33度 トータルキャスター範囲
トーイン アジャスタブル フロント+リア
ダウントストップ アジャスタブル フロント+リア
フロント スキッド アジャスタブル 23~27度
リアアンチスクワット アジャスタブル 1~5度
アンチロールバー 1.2mm フロント/リア
アッカーマン アジャスタブル
ステアリング センターポジション、デゥアルシステム
ボディー XRAY XB4 DMXボディー
タイヤ 別売り
ホイール XRAY エアロディスクホイール(14mmハブ)
基本調整 "キャスター、キャンバー、トー角、ホイールベース、スキッド、ロールセンター、アッカーマン、
取扱説明書 フルカラー3Dグラフィック 40ページ
セットアップブック 付属しておりませんが、ホームページでダウンロードが可能
パッケージ カートンボックス
付属品 "グラファイトグリス、シリコンオイル、デカール、展開図
 "RC装置(送受信機、サーボ、アンプ)、 ボディー、バッテリー、タイヤ、インナー、モーター、ピニオンギヤ, ポリカーボネイトボディ用塗料、組み立て工具(ニッパー、ラジオペンチ、はさみ等)、瞬間接着剤等

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Pre-production prototype is shown, final specifications may slightly vary. In some pictures optional parts may be shown. All option parts are not included and must be purchased separately. The color of some aluminum parts may vary from kit to kit and some of the kits may not include all the orange or black parts as shown. Some of the spare parts or option parts may not be available at the moment in the orange or black color as shown.